Bela’s IDEAS: February 20, 2024

February 20, 2024 issue of Bela’s IDEAS, featuring Bela admitting she belongs to Team Surprise Me, plus bits of inclusive accessibility, inclusive event planning, underrepresentation in tech, and unboxing Pride.

I Love Surprises

I absolutely love surprises. I never try to figure out what a gift is or ask questions or request hints. It's such a thrill for me and I never tire of that excitement!

Last week, I was happily surprised when I found out that Dr. Luke Hobson mentioned my coworking sessions in his podcast episode Why Learning Environments Deeply Matter. Dr. Luke is a fellow learning nerd, well-known instructional designer, author, teacher, and more. Be sure to follow Luke on LinkedIn, and also check out his Instructional Design Institute.

What about you? Are you on Team Surprise Me or Team Surprises Suck? Reply and let me know! ❤️

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Coworking Sessions

Let's hang out this week! We're working Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. See you there!

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Inclusive Accessibility

Join me and the Fort Worth ATD chapter on February 29th to learn how to be more inclusive with your accessibility!

This Week's IDEAS

  • Inclusive Event Design Guide

    Google has compiled a massive Inclusive Event Design Guide. What I especially love about it is that it's designed not only for folks who request accommodations, but also to be inclusive to those who may not due to perceived stigma.

    • Bonus: check out all of the content and guides they have available on All In with Google for inclusive marketing.
  • Underrepresented in Tech Resources

    Underrepresented in Tech offers a lot of resources for folks from marginalized groups who work in tech, as well as organizations wanting to prioritize diversity.

  • Unboxing Pride with Charlie Ocean

    One of my favorite humans in the world, Charlie Ocean, recently wrote on their spellcheck getting "woke" in their newsletter Unboxing Pride. Their writing style is hilariously captivating and meaningful and I highly recommend you follow them.

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