Bela’s IDEAS: February 6, 2024

February 6, 2024 issue of Bela’s IDEAS, featuring Bela admitting she will stalk you via snail mail, plus bits of free courses by the World Health Organization (WHO) and resources for Black women surviving toxic jobs plus suicide prevention.

Got Mail?

Last week, I mentioned that February is one of my favorite months. I just LOVE (see what I did there) all the hearts and sappy stuff.

I'd love to send you something for Valentine's Day! Just reply and let me know your mailing address. No, I won't stalk you, I promise. Well, unless you consider thoughtful, surprise mail stalking then yes, I will absolutely stalk you.

A lovely little cat is eagerly helping its owner on their laptop. The area is well-lit and filled with plants. The text reads: "Cowork with Bela. Bela Gaytán dot com.

Coworking Sessions

Don't forget to pop in for our coworking sessions this week!

This Week's IDEAS

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    Bela sits in a garden in Morocco with bold blue structures and surrounded by plants. The text reads: "Bela's IDEAS: Weekly Newsletter. Bela Gaytán dot com."

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