Bela’s IDEAS: June 25, 2024

June 25, 2024 issue of Bela’s IDEAS, featuring Bela admitting to being a later gator, plus bits of Momentum, virtual sign language classes, free course on healthcare for disabled folks, virtual field trips designed to connect and build a more sustainable world.

Better Late Than Never

Yesterday, I was in a weekly planning webinar with the great folks over at Momentum. One of the attendees talked about their writing goals. They shared that they constantly reminded themselves that it's better to write crap than nothing at all.

Last night, I was hanging out with my brother's family, who has been visiting us for a few days. I was thinking about how I'd not yet finalized my weekly newsletter. Then I remembered: better late than never.

So here you go: Bela's IDEAS a few hours late. 😊

Oh, and if you're curious, Momentum is a free Chrome extension for focus and productivity. The free version is awesome as is, but I've been using the premium version of Momentum for around a year now and can't live without it. I can offer you 10% off a premium plan, too: just use coupon code: belagaytan.

They also offer several different weekly sessions to folks for free. Tomorrow, I'm excitedly attending their 90-day planning workshop!

A lovely little cat is eagerly helping its owner on their laptop. The area is well-lit and filled with plants. The text reads: "Cowork with Bela. Bela Gaytán dot com.

Coworking Sessions

Sessions are per normal the rest of the week. I'd love to see you there!

3 gender-diverse folks of color sitting at a table in a meeting. The text reads: "Pride Month Service Providers. Bela Gaytán dot com."

Pride Month Service Providers

Pride Month is almost over but these folks offer services year-round. Stay tuned for the directory to updated to reflect this!

This Week's IDEAS

  • Bela's IDEAS Newsletters on My Site

    I've started adding the weekly Bela's IDEAS newsletters to my website! You can now find all issues via my blog, or from Resources in the main navigation menu.

  • Virtual American Sign Language (ASL) Course

    Visually Speaking is offering a virtual American Sign Language (ASL) course in July. It's perfect for beginners, those seeking an ASL foundation, or anyone enhancing communication skills and cultural awareness.

  • Healthcare Access for People with Disabilities Course

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is offering a free course for Healthcare Access for People with Disabilities.

  • Free Virtual FieldTrips

    Creative Mornings offers folks 20+ free FieldTrips every month. These are awesome meetups perfect for folks feeling disconnected. They believe that learning with and from one another is how we build a more connected, sustainable world.

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