Communicating Success

A Capstone presented to the Teachers College Faculty of Western Governors University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Master of Education in Learning and Technology.

The Project

My goal in this project was to prove with qualitative data that learner-defined success would improve when participating in a virtual, asynchronous course with a focus on open communication, prompt feedback, and encouragement.  I was happy to see that my results aligned with my hypothesis.

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The Abstract

The topic of this research centers on prompt feedback’s effect on adult student success in online coursework.  The question that inspired this study was, “What is the effect of prompt feedback on adult learner success in an asynchronous, online resume optimization course, as measured by self-assessment Likert-scale questionnaires”?  Ten research participants were chosen, all of whom are independent adults who are, or were previously, online students.  The eight-hour course was taken on, a website owned by the researcher, who was also the instructor in this action research study.  Students were given prompt, effective, and personalized feedback throughout the course.  Data was collected using three identical questionnaires containing close-ended and Likert-style questions following each of the course’s three modules.  Average increases in success scores upon course completion were 75%, a significant increase.  This demonstrates that the use of prompt feedback is highly effective and positively influences adult student success in online courses.

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