Building a Medical Binder

Learn how to build a medical binder to store your healthcare information and be a more effective medical advocate for yourself or those you care for.

The Concept

I was inspired by the Articulate Community’s E-learning Challenge #2 to build a tabbed interactive project that would be useful in my healthcare advocacy work. A medical binder is something that has tremendously helped me as someone with multiple rare disorders. It provides a place to store records, document symptoms, and quickly reference labs, surgeries, and test results.

The Process

I tapped into my creativity, medical training, and lived experience as someone disabled. Created during the COVID-19 pandemic, I opted for everyone to be masked to normalize mask-wearing. It also highlights that many disabled folks must be masked regardless of the pandemic.

I wanted to share my knowledge and what has worked for me over the years in a neat, clean, and interactive format. I used tabs to decrease physical interaction and to reduce cognitive load. Doing so boosts accessibility for folks with mobility impairments and neurodivergence.

Finally, I ensured that I kept energy expenditure in mind. I added links to various low-cost products I mentioned to provide learners with a one-stop solution. Eliminating extra effort respects the time and energy of learners.

"I love the diversity of this training, plus the interactive tabs. Great color palette, too!"

Kathryn DeJarnette, Owner of DeJarnette Content & Design Solutions

The Result

A quick, beautiful, and actionable resource to support anyone navigating the healthcare system. I've received so much great feedback on this project that I am currently working on a more thorough video tutorial, downloadable templates, as well as live trainings. If you'd like to be notified when these additional free resources are available, sign up for my weekly newsletter.

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