HR Hiring Policies

Ugly is an understatement when it comes to these slides. This challenge allowed me to infuse a touch of color, interactivity, and diversity!

The Concept

In Tim Slade‘s eLearning Designer’s Academy, we were challenged to recreate a PowerPoint training on Human Resources hiring best practices. Tim provided us 3 slides to use as our starting point with the option to focus on one, two, or all 3 slides in our project.

The slides were quite bland and needed a lot of work. With my background in Human Resources, I couldn't resist using all three and giving them a grand makeover!

An all-in-one computer site on a white desk with plants on each side. On the computer screen is “HR Hiring Policies, how to hire the right people for the right job” with a begin button below. To the right are three smiling people dressed professionally with an office environment in the background.

The Process

Take a look at the original slides. I wasn't lying when I said they were bland!

Original PowerPoint title slide. "HR Hiring Policies, Hire the Right People for the Right Job." In the center is a basic stick-person appearing perplexed with a question mark above their head.
Original PowerPoint slide with "Tips from the Experts". On the right is a simple cartoon showing two people at a desk, shaking hands.
Original PowerPoint slide "The Interview Setting." The slide is text-heavy several general tips and explanations.

I chose to add a lot of color. All graphics were created in Canva. I sourced audio and sound effects from Envato Elements to create more depth and character for the project.

For the audio, I used my voice and the voice of my friend, Adil. I used Audacity to record and edit my narration, as well as to edit the audio files Adil provided.

Finally, I incorporated interactivity to actively engage learners versus putting them to sleep with dull training. Come on, we’ve all been there!

“You showed diversity and inclusion with different accents. That is equally as important as making sure images are diverse and I really like that!”

Tim Slade, creator of The eLearning Designer’s Academy

The Result

During Tim's live review of my project, he applauded my focus on diversity and inclusion beyond just the imagery used. He commended my incorporation of a non-native English speaker as the voice for the man in my project, something he felt was rarely discussed or practiced within eLearning circles.

Try it out for yourself!


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