Spanish and Esperanto Travel Vocabulary

An interactive, 360° photo of Bastia, transformed into an immersive language lesson. Experience learning Spanish and Esperanto words while exploring an idyllic Corsican seaside village.

The Concept

E-Learning Challenge #337 from the Articulate E-Learning Heroes Community was Creating Interactive 360° Photos in E-Learning. At the time of this challenge, 360° images were a new public beta feature offered in Storyline 360. It was exciting to test out a new feature!

This was my first time working with a 360° photo and I really enjoyed it!  Scroll down to interact directly with the project and learn some new words!

A laptop sits on a white countertop, displaying the home screen of the “Travel Vocabulary in Spanish & Esperanto” project. It features foliage with a double staircase outdoors, next to a large villa. Three interactive icons appear on the left.

The Process

After choosing a beautiful 360° photo of Bastia, Corsica, I watched David Anderson‘s Creating Interactive 360° Panoramic Images in Storyline 360 video. I also leveraged Mark Spermon‘s video on how to create lightboxes in Storyline 360.

Being semi-fluent in Spanish and Esperanto, I chose words corresponding to objects in the photo. Never heard of Esperanto? It was created by Polish ophthalmologist, L. L. Zamenhof, in 1887. He felt that one of the greatest barriers to peace and understanding in the world was due to language. By building an artificial language, he hoped to bridge the divide. In fact, Esperanto translates to "one who hopes".

For the audio, I used the option within Storyline to directly record myself. Be sure to check out my other voiceover projects!

"It's still one of my favorite examples, Bela. Your design concept of combining 360 virtual tools with language learning is fantastic."

David Anderson, Director of Customer Training at Articulate

The Result

Articulate’s E-Learning Heroes community chose my project as an e-Learning example:

“Take a 360° look around this seaside port to learn how to say common words in Spanish and Esperanto. This Storyline 360 example uses customized markers and audio content to make learning a language dynamic and fun.”

It’s also being used as a course resource in Articulate’s training: Using 360° Images in Storyline 360.  What an honor! Try it out!

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