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Well Met!

Hey there! I'm Bela Gaytán. My pronouns are she and they. I am queer, neurodivergent, multiply disabled, the child of field workers, and a first-generation college graduate.

I'm known for my authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability. I unapologetically disrupt spaces to create change. I disrupt by leveraging my lived experiences and intersectional identities to educate on IDEASinclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility, and social justice.

Bela outside a kasbah in Morocco
Bela stands outside Kasbah Aït Ben-Haddou, in the Ouarzazate province of Southern Morocco. She is a light-skinned Latina with short, black, curly hair, wearing a baggy pantsuit. She is surrounded by a clay wall and buildings, as well as palm trees.

Educational Qualifications

Instead of simply sharing text, I’m sharing my happy face as I achieved my goals of being a first-generation college graduate and the first in my immediate family to obtain a graduate degree. Oh, and I'll need to update this later on, as I am currently working towards my Doctor of Education in Performance Improvement Leadership at Capella University! For now, enjoy the photo of the future Dr. Bela!

Bela stands outside, holding her Bachelor's Degree diploma.
Bela stands outside, holding her Bachelor's Degree diploma.

Bachelor of Science
Human Resource Management

Western Governors University
September 2019

Bela stands outside, wearing a black, floral, Mexican dress, holding her Master's Degree diploma.
Bela stands outside, wearing a black, floral, Mexican dress, holding her Master's Degree diploma.

Master of Education
Learning and Technology

Western Governors University
April 2021

Poorly edited photo of Bela wearing a graduation cap and holding a "Dr. Bela" degree.
Poorly edited photo of Bela wearing a graduation cap and holding a "Dr. Bela" degree.

Future Doctor of Education
Human Performance Improvement

Capella University
... 2025'ish

Fun Facts

I always bring my whole self to spaces. As such, I’d love for you to know more about me outside of my professional life.

I grew up in Southwestern Michigan and still hold up my hand to show which part of Michigan I am from. (If you’re a Michigander, you know what that means!) I live in Tennessee and have lived in New Mexico for a while. I am a nomad at heart, always thinking about the next place to call home and my next adventure.

  • I have explored eight countries (one for less than 24 hours, but hey – I think that still counts) on three continents, eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, and one disputed territory surrounded by hidden land mines.
  • I was chosen to participate in Grow With Google’s Developer Challenge and became one of the top performers chosen to continue with their Front End Developer program.  Google Developers even featured my story of perseverance on their blog!
  • I am disabled, with several chronic and genetic conditions. Five of my conditions are rare disorders and I’m colorblind, as well, which is very rare for someone with 2 X chromosomes.  I have quantifiable proof that I am rare!
  • My father was a migrant worker, and my mother’s family worked in the fields. My parents grew up working harder than most of us have ever had to work and for much less than we would ever accept.
  • I’m a gamer! These days, I mostly play World of Warcraft (EU server) and Hearthstone (US server). My kids are gamers, too—especially my son. Our home is like an arcade with PS5, PS4, PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S. My custom-built gaming computer is even named after one of my WoW characters. Feel free to add me to Battle.net to chat and/or play together: my tag is devibela#2920.

Work With Me

You're doing good, but you want to do better. I can help you.

  • Invite me to speak at your organization or event. Whether in person or virtual, you'll enjoy my easy-to-understand style, making learning intuitive.
  • Hire me for learning and development, performance improvement, or IDEAS (inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility, social justice) consultancy work.
  • Contact me and let's get started!

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