Course Welcome Video

Welcome video created for an online resume optimization course as part of my M.Ed. capstone action research project.

The Project

This video was part of my Master of Education in Learning and Technology capstone project. I created a Resume Optimization course for BrightBel Online Learning. Visitors to the course saw the video under a brief description of the course and its offerings. It allowed the learner to hear a brief introductory message, a breakdown of the main concepts covered in the course, and the flexibility offered.

An all-in-one computer sits on a white desk. In the background is bright light and windows. On the computer screen is “Resume Optimization, BrightBel Online Learning, Course RES100” and Scrabble tiles spelling out “Write Resume”. This is the thumbnail image for the course welcome video.

The Process

I started with a very basic diagram with the elements that I wanted in my video.  I treated it as an outline, a guide to follow through the process.  I used it to ensure I was staying on track and following the most logical workflow for my methods of creating media.

I knew I wanted to work on my welcome speech first, to ensure that everything else I created would flow with the message.  Once I had all the files created, I made a more visually appealing storyboard.  I did this to get a more vivid snapshot of what I was creating and the order in which I would add components to the video.  This helped me to be certain of the elements I wanted in the video and that the order had an appealing flow to it.

The Result

Clean design, beautiful folks, and a very simple welcome message for new students without overloading them. Have a look!

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