Join A Special “Cowork with Bela: Behind the Scenes” Session!

Join Bela Gaytán for a special ‘Cowork with Bela: Behind the Scenes’ recorded session. This unique event will provide a glimpse into our inclusive coworking space, showcasing the power of simply existing together, and be used to help others decide if coworking with us is for them.

I'm excited to announce a special coworking session: "Cowork with Bela: Behind the Scenes"! I'll be recording the event to showcase how our coworking sessions operate.

Highlighting Community Support

Y'all know how much I believe in the power of community support, especially for those of us from marginalized groups. That's why I host coworking sessions each week, providing a safe and inclusive space for everyone to simply exist and work/be together.

For many of us, entering any new space is scary if we don't know what goes on, the logistics, or what to expect. This "behind the scenes" initiative aims to provide a glimpse into our supportive environment, encouraging others who might be hesitant to join us.

Session Recording

By participating in this event, you'll help me highlight the essence of our coworking community. The recording will be edited and reduced to a few minutes. In it, I'll highlight the flow and essence of our community, with much of the video sped up and silent, featuring brief narration to explain the process.

Attendees can opt to have their photo and/or name blurred out in the final video. I'm also happy to include a "shout-out" wherever the video is shared if you'd like.

Register Now!

Join us on Monday, June 17, 2024, from 12 to 4 PM U.S. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) for this unique opportunity to be part of something special. Registration is required, as consent to being recorded, so be sure to secure your spot!

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    A window styled like a browser with: "Behind the Scenes, Cowork with Bela, Mon. June 17, 2024 - 12 PM - $ PM EDT. In the center is the usual photo for Bela's coworking sessions: a helpful little cat with its paw helping their human on a laptop in a bright sunny window. Below is the event link and link to Bela's website: Bela Gaytán dot com.

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